Detecting lies on vintage game shows - What's My Line? & To Tell the Truth

Groucho Marx and others try to guess her occupation on  
To Tell the Truth.

Former con man and imposter Frank Abignale, subject of the book and movie Catch Me if You Can, appears on To Tell the Truth.

Celebrity contestants try to uncover the publisher of Mad Magazine, William M. Gaines, on To Tell the Truth.

In a 1959 episode of What's My Line?, Groucho and others try to ferret out a female professional wrestler. Groucho sets the innuendo-laden tone early, saying, "A woman can't make a living just being a blond... although I've heard of a few who have."

Blindfolded contestants try to guess Groucho Marx's occupation. Even speaking in odd accents he has a had time stifling his wit on the game show What's My Line?

What's My Line? presents Alfred Hitchcock, who just finished his picture Rear Window.

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