'No drawing can lie itself; it is only the opinion of the expert that can deceive.' - Eric Hebborn

 The Portrait of Henri Leroy
by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot 

 The Portrait of Henri Leroy
by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

"One of these drawings is 'The Portrait of Henri Leroy' by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, in the collection of the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University. The other is a copy of same, done by the notorious forger, Eric Hebborn, whose story has been recently told by philosopher Denis Dutton in his popular book, 'The Art Instinct.' How can one tell the difference?"
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"In his autobiography, two of Hebborn’s themes are the venality of art dealers and the pseudo-expertise of the scholars who authenticated his fakes. Clearly, greedy dealers looked none-too-carefully at his works and sold them for vast profits. The experts whom he tricked may have looked more carefully, but Hebborn was an exceedingly clever forger. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about materials, he possesses a remarkably adaptable mimetic ability. In this respect, his oeuvre challenges to some extent the widely-accepted belief that forgers invariably give themselves away by allowing their own personal mannerisms to infect their fakes. Hebborn displayed an astonishing ability to think himself into another artist’s style and effectively imitate it. Moreover, many of his fakes are disarming in their life and grace. They are, simply as basic visual objects, beautiful to look at."
Death of a Forger, an article by Denis Dutton>>

"FORGERY and PLAGIARISM are both forms of fraud. In committing art forgery I claim my work is by another person. As a plagiarist, I claim another person’s work is my own. In forgery, someone’s name is stolen in order to add value to the wrong work; in plagiarism someone’s work is stolen in order to give credit to the wrong author."
Forgery and Plagiarism, also by Denis Dutton>>

Eric Hebborn's book, The Art Forgers Handbook, is considered one of the best books on art forgery >>

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