The box that concealed a man - a fugitive slave

Engraving of the box in which Henry Box Brown 
escaped from slavery in Richmond, Va. 
"The box that arrived in Philadelphia that day was the plain-looking sort typically used to transport dry goods. Just over 3 feet long, it was 2 feet 8 inches deep and not quite 2 feet wide. Written on the side were the words "this side up with care."

Safe to say, the recipient of the box was not fully prepared for what was inside: a 200-pound man named Henry Brown.

As an African-American living in the South, Mr. Brown was a slave when he left Virginia on March 23, 1849, concealed in the box he had designed for this purpose.
When he arrived in Pennsylvania a day later, by express mail, he was a free man."
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Library of Virgina>>


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