"The creepage distances multiply..." (a spectacular trompe-l'oeil)

39GeorgeV is a building in Paris wrapped in a giant photographic mural based on the original building underneath. I think the Babel Fish machine-translated French-to-English text explains it quite well:
"By going up the avenue George V towards the Fields-élysées, the pedestrian of Paris has what to be surprised. By far it perceives a disturbed prospect and wonders whether it is of an optical illusion, a reflection or perhaps even of a mirage. Would the tormented building that he sees be the work of an architect under amphetamine or the new masterpiece of Frank Gehry? A variation of “the house which dances” of Prague”? While approaching, if he does not stumble front, not destabilized by the wobbly construction which seems to move at the bottom of the avenue, the pedestrian identifies an immense trompe-l'oeil.
The traditional Parisian building of the 39 of the avenue George V seems to buck under the effect of an intense heat. The windows and the balconies run and subside. Symmetry haussmannienne crumbles, the creepage distances multiply, it does not remain only one right angle. The beautiful ordinance of the frontage is dissolved."
From the French, translated via Babel Fish>>

See more photos at Flickr Hive Mind>>

Watch a short video of the building from Dailymotion>>

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