Painting magic on the streets of Brazil

The artists SÃO and Delafuente at work, in and on the street

The 6emeia project is artists Anderson August (also known as SÃO) and Leonardo Delafuente (also known as Delafuente) who live in São Paulo, Brazil. They want to change and transform daily life in their Barra Funda neighborhood. They take insignificant objects such as storm drains, streets, light posts and manhole covers and paint them with whimsical art and illusions. The photos below are particularly (and more literally) magical.

Their entire flickr set>>
More photos here>>

King of Spades 


"Everybody is magical nowadays wants to be in the television, bial Peter, takes "revolucionarios" for the BBB." (That's what Babelfish does for the translation from Portuguese into English.)

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