These lamps are not what they appear to be

These neon-looking lamps by Marcus Tremonto are real, but they are also illusions. What looks like neon is actually electroluminescent wire (or EL wire), which glows and doesn't heat up when current is supplied. (See Wikipedia for an explanation.) The entire chandelier lights up.

Marcus mounts the wires on a reflective plastic surface. Here, the reflective surface is on the ceiling, surrounded by a black frame. But how are those wires on the end of the globe supported?

This lamp seems to float above the ground in the space next to a mirror.

When you look closer, you see you're only seeing half of an actual lamp. The other half is a reflection, created by inserting the wires through holes in the reflective surface.

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I am also amused by his pixel bulb. (You sit in this chair after flying this kite>>)

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