Afraid of heights? These deceptive pools are not for you

55 stories above the ground in Singapore 
in the pool at Marina Bay Sands

An infinity pool is a pool of water where an edge drops down out of the viewer's sight, creating the illusion that there's no physical barrier holding the water at that edge, so the water seems to extend to infinity.

If you filled a square pan full of water and tilted it slightly away from you, the water would flow gently over the far edge. The water flowing over that far edge would cover the edge so you couldn't see it. If you caught the water flowing over in a catch basin and pumped it back into the pan, you'd have the basic concept of an infinity pool.

For those with acrophobia, the lack of a secure barrier along one edge of the pool may not be very reassuring.

A natural version of an infinity pool is found at Victoria Falls in Zambia. It's called The Devils's Pool. During the dry season, the level of the water drops, and swimmers can get next to the 360 foot edge of the waterfall.

Angela Stugren's experience 

 Father and daughter, bonding on the edge

Go ahead, jump right in

From the Daily Mail:
Singapore pool>>
Victoria Falls>>

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