Chef lied to have more sex after killing wife with frying pan

Peter Wallner
"It was out of control. I could not keep one story straight. What I did in those weeks and the following years is not only inexcusable but I can't even explain it to myself."
- Peter Wallner

In the UK, 30-year-old hotel chef Peter Wallner used implements he was familiar with.

When his wife, Melanie Wallner, discovered text messages proving he was cheating on her, he waited until she fell asleep in bed, then beat her to death with a griddle pan.

Griddle pan

The next night, he had sex on his bed with a work colleague while his wife's body lay elsewhere inside the house.

He decided to buy a freezer.

Large Capacity Freezer

He placed the freezer in a garden shed and hid her body inside.

He contacted her family in South Africa and said Melanie had died, possibly from a "brain aneurysm."

Her mother flew to London, but he convinced her not to visit her daughter's badly discolored body.

For her memorial service, he filled her cremation urn with ashes from his barbecue grill.

Barbecue Grill
 He did not cry.

At the hotel where he and his late wife both worked, a colleague said: "He was his normal self, easy-going. I would never have known he had lost his wife."

Her parents kept asking for the death certificate but he made excuses. When they flew to get it in person, he said he was in Portugal, spending his inheritance.

Three years later, at a home he'd just moved out of, garbagemen couldn't lift the garbage bin into their truck, so they left it.

Garbage Bin
After three weeks, the garbage bin began to smell.

Neighbors looked inside and discovered a human foot. The foot was attached to the upside-down body of his wife, Melanie Wallner.

Peter Wallner was found in Malta with his girlfriend, 23-year old Lilia Fenech.

He said he would help with the investigation.

Peter Wallner was eventually arrested, found guilty, and given a minimum ­sentence of 20 years.

(Wallner also had three other lovers, parents he said were dead who were still alive, and - even though he said he had a vasectomy - fathered a baby girl.)

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