The deceptive whitewashing of stinky bleach

Fresh Meadows scent Clorox bleach

Why does Clorox scented bleach, in alluring odors like Mountain Fresh, Citrus Blend, and Fresh Meadow, smell so good? Well, it could be because the scented bleach contains (besides the perfume) less bleach. This label, only shown on their regular bleach, explains:
The scented bleaches contain a sodium hypochlorite concentration of 2.75%. Clorox Bleach - Regular Scent has a sodium hypochlorite concentration of 6%.
The scented bleaches contain less than half the bleach of regular bleach. They're also not for use as disinfectants. Clorox has done customer research saying this is what consumers want.

Could this properly be called somewhat deceptive?

Source: Clorox: Making a Stink about Scents, at Mouseprint>>

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