Did you hear the joke about the nun and the cabdriver?

See the nun in the back seat?

A cab driver picks up a beautiful nun. He won't stop staring at her. She asks what's wrong. She says he can tell her anything.

He says he's sorry, but he's always had... sexual fantasies about nuns.

She tells him it's all right. She just has two questions: Is he Catholic, and is he single?

He tells her he is Catholic, and he is single.

She tells him it's his lucky day - today's the day she's leaving the church, and she's always wanted to do a certain something to a man.

They pull into an alley.

When they've finished, the man's crying. She asks him what's wrong.

I'm sorry, he says. I can't lie to you. I'm married, and I'm Jewish.

That's okay, says the nun. My name's Kevin, and I'm on my way to a Halloween party.

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