Dolls disguised as humans - more on the sexy and unsettling RealDolls

 Heads in a box

I wrote a post recently on Real Dolls, here>>. (And I just realized they should be "RealDolls" one word, not "Real Dolls" two words.) There must be a RealDoll meme in the air, because I discovered Zachary Canepari's photography blog by accident, with still photos he'd taken inside the RealDoll factory. Lots of great pics. I couldn't decide which one to use here so I just picked his first one, of RealDoll heads in a box. These anatomically correct dolls are used for many purposes, so if nudity is forbidden wherever you are, don't see his collection of photos here>>

Also, there's someone, at Anonymous RealDoll Owner, who calls herself Mrs. ARDO and is not at all ashamed of her RealDoll collection. She's happily married and owns a RealDoll and 11 faces. Again, if nudity and frank discussion bothers you, don't go to her site>>

Also, here's an earlier post on realistic dolls of another kind>>

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