An hour of aural infidelity - adultery and cheating

Gaze at these covers from 1953
if you can't take the time to listen now. 
They enlarge when clicked.

An episode of the radio show This American Life with Ira Glass.

These are some of the stories: in the wedding notices in The New York Times, couples will sometimes publicly explain how they "met cute" - because one of them cheated on a long-time relationship. In England, someone's affair isn't discussed. Statistics are cited about infidelity. A man is tempted in his underwear. A woman explains all the confusion during an affair. And what happens when the affair is over?

The show is 58 minutes and one second long. Stream it for free. Download for 99 cents.

A quickie promo>>

Longer and more complicated (the entire show)>>

My Secret Marriage comics - I think there's something about the style of these 1950 comics that captures the tawdriness in adultery. And women, did you notice that if you want to attract notice, it helps if you place one hand on your hip and one hand in your hair while facing away from the man of your desires? (The low-cut blouse falling off your shoulders doesn't hurt, either.)

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