Lies, fakes and bad Photoshopping in Alabama mayor's race

Coach Nick Saban. He will likely earn over $4.1 million in 2010.
Nick Saban is the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team. He was formerly head coach of the Miami Dolphins, and appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine as "The Most Powerful Coach in Sports."

Councilor Dorothy Davidson
Dorothy Davidson is a city councilwoman in Bessemer, Alabama, a town of about 29,000 people that's 18 miles southwest of Birmingham. She's running for mayor.

Nick Saban fully supports Dorothy "Dot" Davidson and thinks she would be an excellent Mayor for the City of Bessemer.
Coach Saban endorsed Davidson for mayor, and she distributed a campaign flyer with university football schedules on one side and a picture of her standing next to Coach Saban on the other.

But the University of Alabama's Athletics Director Jeff Purinton said, "Coach Saban has not been contacted for a political endorsement of any kind."

And the photo looked like an obvious fake.

Davidson said the photo was real and it was taken three weeks ago.

Coach Saban and his wife in a photo from 2007.
Until a 2007 photo of Coach Saban and his wife appeared.

Then Davidson admitted that her image was added to the older photo, and said, "They said we could do it this way."

Davidson's campaign manager, Kevin Morris, said, "My dad, Larry Morris, and coach Saban are friends... We were on the golf course one day, and I asked him myself if this would be OK."

However, later Kevin Morris changed his position. He admitted he tricked Davidson, and he said he told her that the coach said it was okay to alter the photo.

Morris said that Davidson believed him because his father is friends with Coach Saban.

"I lied," Morris said. "She didn't do anything wrong."

Morris decided to step down as campaign manager. When he spoke with Davidson, she said was disappointed.

The election for mayor is in a few days.

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The Birmingham News:Bessemer mayoral candidate's campaign manager admits he lied about endorsement from Alabama Coach Nick Saban>>



  1. Hats off to Morris for tricking his candidate into thinking that she was really in the photo and that it was taken three weeks ago. She must have been deeply disappointed at his duplicity when she learned she was duped.

  2. GT:

    There's no shortage of invention in this story.

  3. By the way, Davidson did not win the race, but she did come in fourth out of six.



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