The secret of drinking without getting drunk

If you drink with this deceptive glass (invented in the 18th Century in England) you won't get as drunk as the others.
A toastmaster is the person at a club or banquet where there are public speakers. He presides over the evening and leads the toasts. Since you don't want the toastmaster to get too toasted, he could use this drinking glass called a deceptive glass or toastmaster's glass. Developed in 18th-century England, this glass looks normal on the outside, but the walls and the base might be much thicker than normal, so though you seem to be drinking as much as everyone else, your glass held about 75% less alcohol.

That glass is not the same as the dribble glass, invented later by prankster S. S. Adams, which was a glass with holes hidden in the side decorations that dribbles liquid on the drinker. That's what you use when you want to make the toastmaster seem even more drunk.

If you drink with this funny dribble glass (invented in 1909 in the U.S.) you'll look more drunk than the others.
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