5 things every iPad prankster must know about

The iArm forerm mount accessory
(available as box only)
iArm at Prank Pack>>

New iPad screen wallpaper for your friends

Comedian Dom Joly gets a call

The iPad icade plays classic video game titles

True things about the future iPad
  • Will be powered by solar panels.
  • Will include a TiVO-esque personal video recorder.
  • A built-in high-definition TV tuner.
  • A fingerprint reader for security.
  • Thumb-driven mouse gestures.
  • Wireless internet through Verizon and AT&T.
  • A custom version of the cheesy, decidedly low-rez Facebook game Farmville in which you shook the tablet to plant seeds and tilt it to "spread water around."
  • Facial recognition.
  • Wireless electric charging.

Or maybe not. See Gawker's article: Collage of Shame: Media Who Took Obvious iPad Prank Seriously>>

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