Fool me once, shame on me, rob me twice...

Michael Quiroz, McDonald's robber
Magicians have a saying: "Never do the same trick twice." That's because even though you might get away with it the first time, the next time you're more likely to be discovered.

Eighteen-year old Michael Quiroz is not a magician.

Two days in a row, on June 29th and 30th, he robbed a McDonald's restaurant, masked, wearing all black and armed with a B.B. gun.

However, Mr. Quiroz also broke another rule, though I'm not sure what to call it.

Michael Quiroz, McDonald's employee
He was an employee at the same McDonalds, having worked there over 500 hours.

Fellow employees were suspicious, and when confronted by a co-worker, he admitted it was him, and he had stolen over $7,000 because he needed the money.

He was arrested.

Miami New Times>>

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