How not to counterfeit one million dollars

The Three Stooges on a million dollar bill
In Pittsburgh, a man gave a cashier a one million dollar bill, with a picture of President Grover Cleveland on it, and asked for change. When the cashier refused to give him change or return his counterfeit bill, he became enraged. He was arrested.

A man in South Carolina tried to open a bank account with a million dollar bill. When the teller refused, the man began to curse at tellers, and was arrested.

A man  in the United Arab Emirates was trying to sell "special banknotes" - one million dollar bills. He told a woman they were used in international currency markets, and if she helped him sell some bills he would give her a 30% cut. He was arrested.

A woman in Georgia tried to pay for her $1,675 worth of Walmart merchandise with a million dollar bill. She told police her estranged husband, who is a coin collector, gave it to her. She thought it was real. She said from jail: “You can’t keep up with the U.S. Treasury.”

Finally, the U.S. Secret Service seized dozens of Christian religious tracts from the evangelical group the Great News Network after a North Carolina resident tried to deposit one in a personal bank account. The tracts were printed to look like million dollar bills.

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