A train runs through (and below) this fake house

You can't see the train that runs beneath this house
because it's not a house.
The Metropolitan UK railroad line at Leinster Gardens, Paddington, London has been running since 1868. (The railroad itself is the world's first underground railroad, starting in 1863.) Part of the route is above ground, part below, because the old steam trains needed to vent outside of a tunnel. To make way for the train, they demolished the original houses at 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens, but didn't want to spoil the view from the street with a view of a railroad track, so they built a fake, five-foot thick, five-story-high concrete house to match the neighboring houses.

It's said that pranksters used to send various people and businesses to that address, including at one time fashionable people invited to a dance.

Some of the clues that it's not real -
fake doors and fake blackened windows.

A view of the back of the faux house.

A better view of the train tracks.

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