1971 Spy vs Spy cartoon predicts bunker buster bomb in Mad Magazine

Mad Magazine's Spy vs Spy exposes the futility of building
a bomb shelter. (Click to enlarge)

As the spies find out, there's always someone more clever,
and in the binary world of Spy vs Spy, it's usually the other spy.
Here, the black spy's bunker buster bomb uses
a behavioral trick to deceive his opponent.
(Again, click to enlarge)

Cartoonist Antonio Prohías (1921 - 1988) had been drawing his Spy vs Spy cartoons for Mad Magazine for 10 years when he drew these panels in January of 1971. His Spy vs Spy feature, listed in the magazine's table of contents as the Joke and Dagger Department, had two pointy-nosed spies - the black spy and the white spy - constantly attempting to destroy each other with weapons. Each issue, the spies would alternately kill or be killed. Many times, the tricks would backfire on the attacker because the spy being attacked would have thought of a ridiculously clever countermeasure. Or, as in this case, the spy's defenses failed because he did not anticipate a ridiculously clever attack.

If you need more of a Spy vs Spy fix, get Spy vs. Spy: The Complete Casebook and see all 247 of Prohías' strips.

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