Eleven airplane optical illusions

American Airlines pasted in.
None of these photos are photoshopped - they're all actual photos. Can you figure out what's going on? 

Delusions of grandeur
Sibling rivalry:
"You move over."
"No, you move over."

Santa splat.



New propeller design.

Smoke angel.
Ghost ship.

Birds of a feather.
Let go.


American Airlines pasted in - Planes fly in low at Maho Beach, Sint Maarten, Netherlands.

Delusions of grandeur - Shadow cast by different plane.

Sibling rivalry - Photo was taken by a telephoto lense which makes the two planes seem closer together.

Santa splat - Obviously, Santa isn't real.

Gotcha - Fingers are holding up a small toy airplane.

Danger - A low-flying plane in Greece.

New propeller design - A digital camera scans an image from top to bottom. When taking a photo of a fast-moving object, like this propeller, the camera captures different images at different times.

Smoke angel - A C-17 Globemaster III released flares which are created into an angel shape by the vortex from the engines.

Ghost ship - This image is an artifact from the satellite photo.

Birds of a feather - Photo was taken by a telephoto lens which makes the planes and birds seem to occupy the same space.

Let go - Someone is holding up a model toy airplane which seems to be part of the building.

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