The fake food you can snuggle

"Shepherd bread, pumpernickel, Irish soda bread, bread sticks, kaiser rolls, poppy seed rolls, crackers, French and Italian loaves, onion loaf, pretzels, and sausage... all made out of fabric."
Jeannie Martin makes food out of fabric. It's not as realistic as the fake hard plastic or resin foods, but her food has more of a two-stage surprise. Let's say you thought a roll was real, and when you picked it up it was a fake made out of plastic. You'd be surprised once: "Oh, I thought it was real but it's not real. It's fake."

But with her fake food, when you picked it up you'd get this: "Oh, I thought it was real but it's not real... and it's made out of fabric!"

So you get two surprises instead of one.

The moral of the story is: It's not enough to fool (with food) - it's better to delight.

The Fabric Chef>>

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