Fake toy guns can be a problem

This is a provocative photo of an art exhibit,
where guns were made into frozen treats.

In New York City, fake toy guns cannot be sold unless they are bright green, blue, red or another neon color, or have bright orange stripes on both sides of the barrel. This is even tougher than the federal law on fake toy guns, which says they must have an orange plug in the barrel. The purpose of the New York law is to stop police from accidentally shooting people with fake guns, and prevent fake guns from being used in robberies, because the deceptive fake guns cannot easily be distinguished from real guns.

Officials don't like to refer to the fake guns as "fake toy guns" but as "imitation guns."

These are Federal law safe fake guns with orange tips,
legal to sell as toy guns, but not in some cities.

These are not Federal law safe fake guns.
They're illegal as toy guns in the U.S.

This is a Federal law safe Nerf gun,
also safe in New York.

These fake toy guns are safe to sell in New York City.

This is a real gun, painted pink.

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