How to make money by not being pregnant (yes, it's a scam)

Audrey Magallon's mug shot
A woman in Oregon came up with a scam to make some money by not being pregnant. Audrey Magallon, 31, contracted with a couple in New Zealand and was paid $2000 in cash to impregnate herself and become a surrogate mother.

It was all a scam.

She sent the expectant couple pictures of fake ultrasounds proving she had been successful with the "biological material" they shipped to her.

Audrey's Facebook photo, with a kiss.
The fake ultrasounds were altered images from her own two kids.

Another couple has also contacted police about their experience with her deceptive scam.>>


  1. This woman is a sick bitch. She deserves to have her kids taken away and be alone for the rest of her life!!

  2. I think we assume a mom would have empathy for other women who want to become moms. Obviously that's not true.

    Ms. Magallon was sentenced to 20 days in jail and two years of probation, and must pay $10,000 to her victims.

    Her children were taken away.

  3. her children have been given back to her, but she whould do it again if she thought she could get away with. this is for certain!


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