The illusion of the floating man

This is performance artist Johan Lorbeer.
He has not been photoshopped.


The illusion is obvious if you think about it, but it's so strong an illusion, it's hard not to be fooled. I was initially tricked by it as well - I knew how it had to be done, but I was wrong about some of the details. There's a way to do it that is much easier than my idea. All you have to remember is that there are many things that can be fake things instead of real things.

Another reason I like it? It's whimsical.

Johan Lorbeer>>


  1. that's an easy one.
    his left "arm" and "hand" are in fact a thick horizontal steel bar covered in skin-like silicone. there is also a harness tied to that bar that supports the man's body. everything is covered by his rather large clothes, including his real left arm.


  2. Come on now, what's boring about it? I think some (yes I'm talking about you, masster) might be so concerned about the technology or trick of how it's done that you're forgetting that this would still be very cool to see.

    1. right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hehehe that took a while for me to figure out


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