The optical illusion of a mad sad face

Mad and Sad by Humberto Machado

For some reason, I couldn't find the two faces - the mad face and the sad face - in this drawing. I knew logically where the other face had to be hidden, but it eluded me. Then I finally found it, and now the two faces flip back and forth into my awareness: sad, mad, sad, mad...

This process happens to me when I watch an illusion - at first I cannot see it, then I can see it, and then the illusion seems to have a vibrant internal life of its own, as the illusion continually changes back and forth. Of course, that "change" is also an illusion, because it's not the illusion that's changing at all - it's my perception that's changing.

Found via New Optical Illusions>>

See probably the most famous optical illusion that keeps flipping, the Necker Cube>>


  1. help! i dont see it!!!

  2. okay i saw it!! haha great!

  3. His right ear becomes his right eye. Mouth stays the same.

  4. I could only see the sad face, no matter how hard I tried. I had to "cheat" and cover his forehead and the eye/ear on the right side before I could see the angry face. Maybe that will help.

  5. Thanks for the "cheat" ! It helped inddeed.

  6. the mouth stays, the 2nd eye is the ear, and the nose is next to the original nose


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