"You never find yourself until you face the truth."

-Singer and actress Pearl Bailey, from her 1968 autobiography, The Raw Pearl.

In the compilation clip below, Pearl Bailey and Frank Sinatra sing A Little Learnin' is a Dangerous Thing about the lessons they learned from lovers and their treacherous sweet talk.

PEARL - You know it started with a man.
Frank - Uh huh!
PEARL - And the man he was grand.
Frank - Ain't it the truth.
PEARL - He had a lie that would make a bird sing.
Frank - This kid really came on, I can see that, 'Cause you were much too smart to be afraid at the start.
PEARL - Frank, a little learnin' is a dangerous thing.
Frank - Well, I'd like to hear some more.
PEARL - At first he only wanted two.
Frank - To?
PEARL - Then he changed it to few.
Frank - Oh, you mean loot.
PEARL - I even loaned that man my watch and my ring.
Frank - Oh, you lost your head, Pearl, completely, 'Cause you were hip to the fact that he would pay you right back.
PEARL - Yep, a little learning is a dangerous thing.
Frank - Uh huh. Yes, with his sweet talk, his so discreet talk.
PEARL - Oh Frank, he had me doing things that I shouldn't do.
Frank - That cad! Ain't no denying, no sense in trying.

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