Can you find Vincent Price in a pile of leaves? (An optical illusion)

Can you find Vincent Price in this pile of leaves?
(Click to enlarge.)

I was inspired by my post Where's the face in the coffee beans? about the optical illusion called "Sweet Caffeine" by the artist furitsu. How hard is it to make this kind of illusion? (Turns out, not too hard.) And once you see the face, does it disappear again or is it always immediately visible?

Once I finished, I tried inverting the colors to see if that makes it any easier to spot Vincent. For me, it makes him even harder to see.

Then I tried desaturating the image and reducing it to black and white.  I think this makes it easier. Any thoughts?

(The image was created by snagging images of a pile of leaves and Vincent Price from the web and using the free graphics program Gimp to color Vincent's face, cut out his head and various leaves and place them in the image.)


  1. Even after I found him in the first photo, I had a difficult time seeing him in the second one.

  2. I think he was harder to see in the inverted image and definitely easier to see in the black and white image.

  3. Definitely easier to find in the black and white version. I had to really look in the first version and then all of a sudden the image just popped out at me, yet much harder in the second version. Are there are more of these kinds of images? I enjoy trying to look for the object. The coffee bean man I found very easy to find.

  4. JakobLovesMommy:

    Take a look at and look for "Spot the Baked Bean Man. I still can't find that guy.

  5. The real question is what exactly is Vincent up to in that pile of leaves...

    1. That's great ! I Love your style !

  6. Anything about Vincent Price is Very Cool.. I think he would have appreciated that you thought and looked for him in this type of natural nature
    art... He so LOVED to prevoke the thought of ART and Images to get the creative juices flowing...


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