How to hide money from a thief, by a thief

Probably not a good idea to hide it 
where a burglar would expect to find it.

There are a lot of products that are supposed to help you hide your money from home burglars - like prestained underwear, for instance.(See A most disgusting place to hide your money and How to hide anything.)

Where does a real burglar say you should hid your money?

A burglar says you have to understand a burglar's motivations:
  1. Steal your money and valuables
  2. Get out of house quickly
If you hide everything too well, a thief might tear your place apart and cause more damage by looking. But if you leave some valuables around, the thief will grab the valuables and stop looking for more.

That's the same theory used by people who have dummy wallets full of a little money for a mugger to steal, and hide their real wallet.

If you do leave money lying around, it has to be an appropriate amount. You can't live in a million dollar home and expect a thief to be satisfied with twenty dollars.
If you want to hide valuables, try a kid's room. It's an unlikely spot, and since the room is usually cluttered, it's not easy to do a quick search.

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