The televised beer prank that didn't go so well

Right about this point in the broadcast, Finnish TV newscaster 
Kimmo Wilska likely thought "Jumalauta!" ("God Dammit!")

The anchorman was giving a news report about "violations surrounding the sale of alcoholic beverages." When the camera cut away from him he pulled a prank on the crew and pretended to drink an alcoholic beverage on the air. Unfortunately the camera cut back to him faster than he could hide the beer bottle. His bosses didn't appreciate the prank and he was fired. He was not rehired, despite the existence of a "Kimmo Wilska support group" on Facebook.


  1. Me thinks he intended for his antics to be televised. Either that or he is a truly incompetent prankster.

  2. Maybe it was a comment on the stupidity of the alcohol laws? And we all know newscasters cannot comment or donate money to any political parties, either!


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