Daisies tease male flies with promises of wild insect sex... but only use them for pollination

Meh. Flies couldn’t care less about these daisies.

Flies look at these daisies, but they don’t touch.
(In scientific terms, they give the flowers a
"sly inspection glance.")

These daisies are fly pornography –
so flies fornicate frantically.

It’s known that about 30% of orchids practice sexual deception. The orchid flower impersonates a female insect, and lures male insects (specifically ants, flies, bees and wasps) that are looking for sex. The male insects then go from orchid to orchid, spreading the pollen and pollinating all the orchids they visit.

Scientists recently discovered that certain daisies also use the same method to deceive insects. The flowering part of the daisy has petal markings that look like female insect wings, which fools flies into trying to mate with the markings.

Real fly on the right. Sexy fake female fly on the left.

Can't get enough? Here's a fly sex video. ("Oh, those scientists!")

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