How to disappear in the woods with "GhostBlind" optical illusion camouflage

Something is not quite right about this open cornfield.

Hunters who need to get close to animals must camouflage themselves. They can use tree stands to elevate themselves above the animal's field of vision, or they can hide inside ground blinds so the animals can't see them. A newer method uses an old magician's trick - mirrors.

This mirrored device, marketed to hunters as the GhostBlind, uses mirrors to reflect the natural environment and lets hunters hide behind an optical illusion.

Out of sight using a tree stand.

Camouflaged with a ground blind.

Hidden in the snow.

Disguised among the trees and leaves.

The GhostBlind, demonstrated

GhostBlind (Careful - automatic sound)>>


  1. Thanks for the info, been researching this a good bit.

  2. Great - makes it easier to kill living things!


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