Illusions with fake bread (this bread is not real)

 A photograph of sliced bread on a poster.

Fake white "prop" bread made of polyfoam material.

Bread made into slippers.

The "loaf toaster" - where slices of bread can be toasted 
inside a toaster that looks like a loaf of bread. 
(It's likely this is a Photoshopped creation and 
not a real product.)

Bread molded to look like human heads. 

A quote by the Buddhist human head bread-maker: 
"People should not accept everything on face value and be quick to judge situations or other people. My bread artwork looks gruesome and repulsive, but inside is the soft textured bread and sweet surprises that are totally opposite of what people see... 

Mealtimes are a good time for people to reflect because they are free of other distractions and Buddha wanted us all to contemplate every situation and see the beauty of everything he created.”

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