Invest in heiress, make thousand percent profit! (Oops, I think she's a fraud)

This is a real billionaire heiress, with fake sunglasses.

A 67-year-old woman named Bari Lynn Berger pretended to be an heiress to a $2 billion estate.

She said she was the illegitimate daughter of a billionaire who said in his will that she had to become financially stable and receive medical care before she could inherit his money.

She worked with a man named Gerald Radomski, aged 54.

The pitch was this:

If people invested $1 in the someday-to-be-very-wealthy Ms. Berger, they would later receive $100. (Later, the pitch was changed so that an investment of $1 would get you $1,000.)

Mr. Radomski found a woman who would pitch the investment for them. (She was identified as A. H. in court documents, since she became a cooperating witness.)

A. H. was a professional fundraiser who had experience pitching secretive get-rich-quick investment opportunities to the wealthy, and usually elderly, clients.

She must have been good at her job, because in one year over 140 investors "invested" $1.7 million by wiring or mailing money to Mr. Radomski.

Mr. Radomski kept $300,000 and gave the rest to Ms. Berger.

Ms. Berger said she bought jewelry, wigs, sunglasses, pet-store supplies, an RV and several motorcycles. She also gave money to other needy people.

The fraud began to fall apart after one investor met Ms. Berger, who said the illegitimate daughter story was untrue.

Here's what I want to know:
  • What's the relationship between fake heiress Ms. Berger and money manager Mr. Radomski?
  • Did the fundraiser A. H. really believe in her phony pitch?
  • How much did A. H. get paid?
  • Did A.H. cooperate so she wouldn't get charged for fraud?
  • Why did Ms. Berger confess to an investor that the story was fake?
  • And finally, is this Twitter account from a Mr. Gerry Radomski of Largo, Florida the account of our fraudster?

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 Is this the scammer Mr. Gerald Radomski, and friend, 
or is it an innocent Gerry Radomski, also of Largo, Florida?

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  1. that pic is of gerry and his wife connie. that is his twitter also. beri was known to their family members as dalia. they go way back to early 90's when they were just neighbors in fort lauderale fl. off and on beri lived with gerry and his wife. his wife did not stop him from having an odd relationship with beri for years. they are all cons and have done this kind of stuff for decades.


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