Magician Doug Henning on "The Muppet Show"

"Anything the mind can conceive is possible. 
Nothing is impossible. All you have to do is look 
within and you can realize your fondest dreams. 
I would like to wish each one of you 
all of life's wonders and a joyful 
age of enlightenment." 
- Doug Henning (1947 - 2000)

The magician Doug Henning took many classic magic tricks and added his whimsical touches. Here he shows his version of "The Dancing Handkerchief," a trick invented in the late 19th century that has been presented in many ways, including as a serious demonstration of spiritualism.

Mr. Henning's performing strengths were his irony-free, elfin personality, his coupling of magic and positive thinking, and his complete joy in performing. In this clip, it's not so much about the deception of magic or how it's done - after all, he is performing with a small frog puppet - but the idea that if something as impossible as dancing handkerchiefs is possible, then many other things might also be possible.


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