Another optical illusion shows us we're blind and cannot see

The giant face of Lokeshvara at the 
Bayon Temple of Angkor Thom, Cambodia,
with colored dots.

Focus on the white speck at the center of the image when you play this video.

Motion silences awareness of color changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

First, did you see the colored dots changing color? And then, did the colored dots start rotating, but stop changing color?

Watch it again, but focus more on the colored dots. You'll see that the colored dots are always changing color, even when they're rotating.

This optical illusion demonstrating change blindness was created by graduate student Jordan Suchow and professor George Alvarez from Harvard University. What's happening in your brain is called silencing, which is when your brain cannot detect a visual change.

Try the same thing with this video, where only the brightness changes. Again, stare at the white dot...

Motion silences awareness of brightness changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

It also works for size.

Motion silences awareness of size changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

And shape.

Motion silences awareness of shape changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

- Moving dots optical illusion reveals the power of silencing, Mad Science - io9>> 
- Motion Silences Awareness of Visual Change, Current Biology>> 

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