The best optical illusion of 2010 - the magnet ramp where balls roll uphill

The balls looks like they go up the ramps 
because of a super-magnet, but there 
is no magnet, only a visual deception.

Kokichi Sugihara, a mathematician at Meiji Institute in Kawasaki, Japan, created an illusion that was voted the best of 2010 by the Vision Sciences Society.

Gravity-defying ramps take illusion prize, Nature News>>


  1. It is possible with the magnetic propulsion field placed on the left and right of the track, it is not an optical illusion like you can only muster.

    1. It is an awesome illusion though. I cannot help but be a hater, they receive an award, Yet, I successfully make them operate with magnetic fields and gravity, and I get mocked.


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