A Catholic school that fooled kids into believing World War III had started may have gone too far

" of our friends is having to give sedatives 
to her son to get him to sleep. This is 
more than bringing history to life."

A teacher at a Catholic primary school in the town of Bacup in Lancashire, England staged a hoax on his students, pretending that World War III had started.

He showed them video footage of the WWII Blitz of London and told them it was real, and as the young children were led into a room designed to look like a bomb shelter, fireworks were set off in the playground to simulate bombs.

Many students were upset, and some parents complained that their kids had been traumatized.

An education official said:
"I know that our teachers do their best to make learning exciting and memorable for children and I am sure that this exercise was carried out with the best of intentions."
Rossendale headteacher in war hoax 'must go', say parents, The Bolton News>>

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