Fake gold crowns are a sign of wealth

You know how fashionable it is to have gold crowns - 
if you can afford it. These gold-finished shells fasten 
over your real teeth and look like very wealthy fillings. 
Can be slipped on and off in an instant. 
Get some and surprise your friends.

I'm just a sucker for vintage joke and prank ads. I especially like that you can buy 1 dozen of these fake gold tooth shells for 50 cents. But why is it a selling point that they can be "slipped on and off in an instant"? And who would really believe that all of a sudden you've gotten a gold tooth?

Of course you can still buy them today. They cost $3.00 per fake gold tooth. I'm sorry, but this clean-cut guy is no match for the odd-looking fellow in the ad above.

The vintage advertisement appeared in Science & Invention Magazine, 1927. Source: Vintage magazine pix and ads by eliz.avery at Flickr>>

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