The fluorescent green river prank

No three-eyed fish were found.

The Goldstream River, which runs through Langford, Canada, turned fluorescent neon green for three hours. Bystanders said it looked like antifreeze coolant. You might think it’s a Photoshop prank, but there’s also a video. And it still doesn't look real.

Pranksters put the chemical fluorescein in the water. The chemical is a medical tracer and was used to color the Chicago River in past St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. It was not believed to have harmed any fish.

If you need some fluorescein for your own prank, order from the Cole-Parmer catalog ("Delivering solutions you trust.")

Radioactive disaster or a hoax? The day the Goldstream River turned bright GREEN, Daily Mail, UK>>

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  1. How much of this stuff do you need to dye a whole river?


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