They exploited a software glitch in video poker machines and won big money

If you change your bet after you win, you win big.

John Kane, 52, and Andre Nestor, 39, were caught exploiting a software problem on video poker machines. They asked casino attendants to turn on a "Double Up" feature in a machine. Then they played video poker using minimum bets until they hit a jackpot. That's when they used their secret to switch their minimum bet to a maximum bet, and receive a payout on the larger amount.

In gambling, this type of scam is called "past posting," a term from horseracing, where a bettor places a bet after the horses have "passed the post," or finished the race. In this case, the men raised their bet after they won. Other gambling cheats have used this scam to switch chips in and out of games like poker or roulette.

It's claimed the two video poker players gained at least $429,000.

Two men charged in slot plot, Las Vegas Review Journal>>

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