This radio ad for the CIA does not self-destruct

Today's Central Intelligence Agency does not hide its voice.
Or destroy its message in a cloud of smoke.

Today's spy organization is not shy about admitting it conducts secret work. In fact, they advertise for spies on the radio in the Washington D.C. area.

I grew up knowing that spies were more secretive. If you were ever a fan of the original U.S. TV spy show Mission Impossible (1966-1973), you know that Jim Phelps, the head of the secret IMF team, received instructions on self-destructing tape recorders and other gadgets. For all the Mission Impossible secret message fetishists out there, I present this comprehensive video by fellow MI lover Mohd Khushnood Kiani. (Thanks Mr Kiani!)

- Thanks to Jeff Stein's SpyTalk column in The Washington Post>>
- More Mission Impossible images>> 

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