8 amazing Post-it note illusions, pranks and tricks

"To Mark A Significant Space in the Living Room,"
2007, by Rebecca Murtaugh

The block of wood that is your notepad.

This Post-it note covered Jaguar prank got
international attention for years.

These buttered notes have their own fake slice of bead.

It's called "Slice" by Sachie Ohga, and it won the 
Kokuyo stationary company's top award.

18,000 Post-it notes in your office makes for a 
slightly less productive workday.

"Leafusen" notes, by A4craft design studio, add a bit of 
nature to your note-taking. These change color 
over time, just like real leaves.

The Class of 2010 senior prank. This is how you do a prank - 
fun, memorable, non-destructive, and recyclable.
(It's bigger than the above photo -  

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