A bear hides in the Toblerone chocolate bar logo

Can you find the bear hidden inside the Toblerone logo? Go ahead, click and enlarge the chocolate bar and see if you can find him.
(Or her. I am no bear expert.)

I found out about this hidden Toblerone chocolate image while browsing the net, and then with another search realized it was at one of my favorite optical illusion sites, Mighty Optical Illusions.>>

Why a bear? The bear is the heraldic animal of the city of Berne in Switzerland, where the Toblerone company began. And it's on a mountain because of its association with the Swiss mountains, specifically the Matterhorn.

Here's a close-up of the bear hidden in the mountain.

Can you see him? If not, scroll down.

Here's the new logo, if the company ever decides to be less subtle.


  1. Well known. But do you see its tail ?


  2. I think the bear might be on fire.

  3. I see Harry Potter wishing hat on the right.


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