He created a crappy fake car stereo to save his good one

A truck owner wanted to prevent thieves from 
ripping off his new stereo.

 So he made a decoy:
"... it gave me the idea to make a fake faceplate for my truck's new stereo. This faceplate is made using the original Delco radio/cassette tape player that came with the truck, some Velcro, and a lot of epoxy glue. I left half of a cassette sticking out of the tape player for added effect."

 The stereo's false front before installation of the fake cassette.
(He used "Christmas with the Brady Bunch.")

No thief wants to steal an old stereo with a cassette player.

Unfortunately, scottredd,the creator of this deceptive hack, had a problem:
"...I haven't been using my fake faceplate. I went to my truck yesterday only to find the side vent window smashed and a gaping hole in the dash. So for maybe $5 worth of meth for some toothless junkie, I get a $500 bill to replace the window..."
What he needed was a fake radio faceplate that automatically covered the expensive system.

Go here to find out how he did it: Car stereo stock radio fake-out, Instructables>>

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