How to deceive cameras that detect your face

Adam Harvey can design your face to be hidden. 

Mr. Harvey has created CV Dazzle, a way to modify and camouflage your face so it's not detected by computer vision face detection systems. He uses elements of hair and makeup to fool the software into not noticing that it's actually seeing a face. In the future, he wants to work on methods to foil face recognition software, which matches a specific face to a face in a database.

Reuters story on Mr. Harvey's face camouflage

This design fooled the system.

Another researcher, Dr. Alex Kirkpatrick, has also done research to show which camouflage will fool face detection systems. His most practical suggestion? Wear very large sunglasses.

Luckily, oversized sunglasses are trendy.

This pair of Roberto Cavalli oversized square sunglasses should make you both stylish and invisible to face detection algorithms. You might consider wearing more clothing, however, for the optimal camouflage effect.

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