Surreal handmade optical illusion furniture built by David J. Lunin

My favorite piece, a table in the wind

Furniture maker David J. Lunin makes both regular and surreal furniture. From his artist statement:
"I work in a small studio creating original, one of a kind pieces of furniture in wood. My background in 18th century American antiques has deeply influenced my work. When I first opened my shop I made very strict reproductions of important antiques. Now my work begins with traditional designs to which I give a surreal twist. What I never change is the level of craftsmanship that colonial craftsmen employed. I use hand cut dovetails as well as mortise and tenon joints throughout. I also prefer traditional finishing materials such as shellac and varnish."

A floating table

A kneeling table

 This dresser is not what it seems

The dresser opens into a cabinet

A falling table, with concrete block and leather book
(both made of wood)

See more of his optical illusion furniture work at David J. Lunin, furniture maker>>

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  1. Adorable, they look unique and sturdy.
    My favorite is a table in the wind.


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