The water wall optical illusion

I like this optical illusion because of the image of emerging 
from a huge wall of water, even though it's simply a 
matter of orientation.


  1. I love this picture.
    I would like to be able to use it in a presentation I am doing about how to make learning easier for people with Learning difficulties. I use it to illustrate how a change in perspective makes the world of difference.
    Did you take it or do you know who I can ask for permission to use it?
    If you want more information or to contact me
    my website is

  2. Sean:

    I always try to find the source for what I post, but this one has proved elusive. The photo has been used under the title "different perspectives". I did follow a digital trail to the "pishpot" community at "LiveJournal" so the photo might be from there, but I never found the original. Good luck!


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