3 videos of The Magic of Daniel Chesterfield

We are concerned here with the center-most
incarnation of this chameleon.

Less magician than trickster, these videos showcase the magical artistry of Chris Van den Durpel, a Belgian comedian and actor who imitates many Flemish celebrities and performs song parodies. Here he imitates the artistry of magician David Copperfield. The language is Flemish, but the movements and music are universal. Or Celine Dion.

The Wonderful World of Daniel Chesterfield

Hypnosis of the Burning Cigarette by Daniel Chesterfield

Daniel Chesterfield is not limited to magic in a studio

- Chris Van den Durpel at Wikipedia (translated from Flemish)>>

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  1. No doubt about it, he definitely has talent. I bet spam production NYC teams would love to feature him too.


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