5 "magic realism" paintings that combine surrealism and optical illusions, by Rob Gonsalves

Here comes the flood

Artist Rob Gonsalves' paintings explore the hypnagogic time between being awake and falling asleep, where we can be deceived by illusions as one world transforms into another.

Mr. Gonsalves has been influenced and compared to M. C. Escher, Chris Van Allsburg, Salvador Dali and René Magritte. His style, described as "magic realism," combines architectural precision, optical illusions, trompe l'oeil "fool the eye" painting, tricks of perspective and surrealism.

They reward more than a fast glance.

Many of his works include children or people acting like children in an imaginative or playful way. His people flood the street with reflections, play with a realistic dollhouse (and you'll notice that it's not girls but boys who are playing), cut and shape fabric for a reader needing more light, construct real buildings out of alphabet blocks, or, in my favorite of these five paintings, soar from a bed's quilt into the sky.

Children seem to have less of a problem breaking down the barrier between the worlds of the real and the unreal.

Dolls Dreamhouse

Making Mountains

Table Top Towers

Bedtime Aviation

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