9 amusingly violent street artworks (or cartoon optical illusions) by French artist OakOak

Monsier Hurleur

I'm being unfair to the French street artist known as OakOak by showcasing only some of his deathly pieces, but I thought I needed a theme, and there were too many good ones to choose from.

You can call some of these optical illusions, if you define them as figure/ground optical illusions that have cartoon reality as the "figure," and reality as the "ground."

Who is this trickster OakOak? As he says:
"OakOak is a French artist who likes to play with urban elements."
Any budding practical jokers should look at his stuff to see how to do great visual pranks. Explore his site to see more: OakOak>>

a poings ferm├ęs

 bouches incendie

 but why


 guet apen

 life is a game

 Monsieur biscuit - Copie


And I'm cheating, because this is ten pictures, but I had to include this stylish guy:


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  1. These are great! Cities should invite this guy to put his art there.


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